Darkwing Imaginings is the creative home of Karen Bayly. Karen writes short stories and flash fiction ranging from science fiction and fantasy to character studies exploring the darker side of the human experience. She has published a number of stories and poems under her real name as well as under the pseudonym "Arianrhod Darkwing". In addition, she has written and published scientific papers on animal behaviour and freelanced as a ghostblogger and eBook author (see a list of Publications). She is currently working on writing longer form stories (don't say the word 'novel'!) as well as plays for screen and theatre.


Read my story "The Shrine Tree" in the final issue of Skive Magazine, November 2013.

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Vol. 8 Voluted Tales #7 Aug 2013

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Read my erotic story "Shh..." in the December 2012 Issue of Skive Magazine.

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